How to Save Money on DUI in Sacramento

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Apr 18

Savings Alert - Reduce DUI Fines By Up To $2000

How would you like to reduce your Sacramento DUI fines by up to $2000? If you’ve been convicted of a Wet Reckless or 1st , 2nd, or 3rd offense DUI, you’re in luck – Sacramento County is still allowing people, at the time of sentencing to convert the bulk of their fines to jail time or one of the many sheriff’s alternatives to real jail. Our blog post gives you the rundown of the specifics of jail time conversions on these convictions:

  • Wet & Reckless
  • 1st DUI
  • 2nd DUI
  • 3rd DUI
Sacramento DUI Penalties

If you don’t want to do real “in custody” jail time, don’t fret – the jail time can be done on one of the sheriff’s jail alternatives.  In Sacramento County, that means Work Project, which includes things like picking up trash, raking leaves or washing police cars. 

The time can also be served on one of the sheriff’s Home Detention Programs where you wear an ankle bracelet.  The options available on this program are Work Furlough, where you have to be at your place of residence when you are not at work or the court ordered DUI school; School Furlough, where you have to be at home except when you are in school or attending the DUI classes; Medical Furlough, where you must remain at home  unless attending medical appointments or the DUI classes.

Another option is Lockdown, where you just remain at your residence or are attending a court ordered DUI class.  The one remaining sheriff’s alternative is performing Community Service Hours; which is working at a non-profit organization from a list that the sheriff keeps. Converting the majority of your fines to jail time can be perfect if, like many of us, you have more time than money. For example, if you have one of the convictions listed in the first paragraph – after the fine to jail time conversion you will be looking at total fines in the ballpark of $300-$500.

For all of you who are not math wizards, that’s a savings of 80 percent! Let’s examine this illustration in terms of daily savings – This equals a reduction of about $500 for each day! Seems like a no-brainer if you want to reduce the financial burden of this expensive error in judgement.

Benefits of Converting Fines to Jail Time or Alternative Sentencing:

  • Allows participants the opportunity to work off fines which otherwise would have been unaffordable
  • Participating in any of the alternatives help avoid loss of employment, missing school, and in some instances benefit the community you live in
  • Provides individuals with a way to avoid losing their driving privilege for failing to pay fines

What alternatives can the fines be converted to?

Your Sacramento DUI fines can be converted to jail time but served instead at one of these Sheriff’s alternatives to jail. If you’re wondering what that means, here’s an explanation taken directly from

  • Work Furlough
  • School Furlough
  • Lockdown
  • Community Service

How to request a conversion to jail time

You simply need to ask the judge at the time you are sentenced to convert fines to time.  It’s routine, so the court will know exactly what you are asking them to do.

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