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First Offense non-injury DUI in Sacramento County

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The following information is simply meant to give you some insight into how a case might move through the system in Sacramento County.  Hopefully this will give you the tools you need to make the right decisions based on the facts and circumstances of your own case.  If you are only interested in the possible penalties for a first offense non-injury DUI in Sacramento County, scroll to the end of this article.


DUI cases begin with law enforcement making contact with an individual suspected of DUI.  Law enforcement may pull you over or make contact with you after you are already stopped, parked or out of the vehicle.  Sometimes people are in parking lots, on the side or middle of the road or have been in an accident.  Driving is a required element in California DUI cases.  If law enforcement pulls you over, they have direct evidence of driving.  When law enforcement doesn’t see you drive they are using circumstantial evidence to show that you did drive while under the influence.


You will have been arrested and taken to jail, released to a responsible adult or left at the hospital.  If you were taken to jail and not required to post a bail bond, you will have been given a written promise to appear for court at a specific date and time in Department 2 of the Sacramento Superior Court, located at 720 Ninth Street Sacramento, CA  95814.  In Sacramento, arrested individuals are normally given a court date about three (3) weeks after their arrest.


On your written promise to appear, you will notice that law enforcement has placed the proposed charges about three (3) inches from the bottom of the page.  This is what the arresting officer thinks you should be charged with.  The Sacramento County District Attorney is responsible for almost every DUI case that comes through Sacramento County and the actual filing decision is in their hands.  In most instances, the charges will be as you see on the paperwork you received at the jail.


Changes in the law have added new code sections related to DUI.  California Vehicle Code §23152(f) is the new charge for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.  Prior to January 1, 2014, California Vehicle Code §23152(a) covered Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol.  California Vehicle Code §23152(g) is the new charge for Driving under the combined Influence of Drugs and Alcohol.


If you were left at a hospital, law enforcement will send the reports to the District Attorney’s Office with a Warrant Request.  Then it is up to the District Attorney to decide whether charges should be filed and, if so, to notify you.  If you get a Warrant Notice in the mail, you will need to be booked (fingerprinted and photographed) and given a court date and time to appear.  The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Warrant Bureau is located at 711 “G” Street, on the 7th Street side of the building.  If you’re nervous about them taking you into custody, have a reputable bail bond company or attorney contact the warrant bureau make sure you will be cited and released.  The paperwork you will be given looks similar to what a person is given that is booked into the county jail, however, it should include the actual charges and your docket number.


Some court days are busier than others and I suggest you get to court early, as parking may be limited around the courthouse.  The new and improved meters take quarters or credit cards and there are two separate parking structures.  The County lot is located between “G” & “H” Streets and 7th & 8th Streets.  There is also a private lot in the alley, between “G” & “H” Streets, across from the courthouse fountain.  After some initial announcements by the bailiff outside the courtroom, you will be allowed to enter Department 2.  If your case hasn’t yet been filed the Bailiff will have you sign a paper and you will be given a new court date.  If the District Attorney has rejected the filing of charges, you will be told that they still have up to one (1) year to do so.  As a practical matter it’s very unlikely that this will happen, as an attorney in the District Attorney’s Intake Department has already reviewed the reports and made the decision to reject the case.  It helps to be one of the first people in the courtroom so you can find an aisle seat as far forward as possible.  If you have hired an attorney you may not be required to appear in court, although some attorneys may want you there.


Sacramento is one of the four counties participating in the Ignition Interlock Pilot Program under Assembly Bill 91.  If you are convicted of a first offense DUI in Sacramento County you will be ordered by DMV to put the IID on any vehicles you own or operate for a period of 5 months.  You will receive a letter from DMV shortly after you resolve your case instructing you to install the IID.  If you do not own a vehicle and/or only drive an employer’s vehicle you may qualify for an exemption.  Read the letter carefully, follow the instructions and respond quickly as there are time limits to do so.  As of 1/1/2019, SB 1046 will be replacing the Pilot County Program.   There is some uncertainty about the details but it may be possible to avoid any license suspension at all by complying with certain requirements quickly.






The basic penalties in Sacramento County for a first (1st) offense non-injury DUI, based on a Blood or Breath test between .08 and .14, are as follows:






Three (3) years informal probation-this means: 1. Obey all laws

  1. Don’t drink and drive
  2. Don’t refuse a chemical test (blood/breath)
  3. Don’t drive without a valid license/insurance
  4. Search/Seizure of Blood if lawfully arrested for DUI




48 hours jail-The court will normally have no objection to any of the sheriff’s alternatives to jail.  In fact, it’s unusual for this county to order any actual in custody jail time on a 1st offense DUI. The alternatives include work project and work furlough/home detention.  If you intend to ask for community service hours, you should bring evidence of a disability or evidence that you live in a county without a reciprocal agreement with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office for the normal alternatives to jail or that you live outside of California.


There are numerous reasons why the prosecution might ask for more jail time.


If an individual has prior DUI(s) or Wet Reckless offense(s) outside the 10 year statutory period, they are often asking for an additional five (5) days of time for each offense.


They will ask for two (2) extra days for every point above .15 BAC.  For instance, if the BAC is .25, you should expect the offer to include 20 additional days.


A Refusal of the evidentiary chemical test, under California Vehicle Code §23577 and §23538(b)(2) cause difficulty with the criminal case in terms of the length of DUI school ordered and with the term of the DMV license suspension.  In addition to this, the District Attorney’s policy is to ask for 30 days of time for the refusal alone.  This is on top of the regular sentence.


An Excessive Speed enhancement, under California Vehicle Code §23582 for driving 30mph over the posted speed limit on the highway or 20mph over the posted speed limit on surface streets, where the driving is reckless as defined in California Vehicle Code §23103, will add 60 days of time to the regular sentence.


A minor passenger under the age of 14 gives rise to an enhancement under California Vehicle Code §23572.  The District Attorney is asking for two (2) days of time (in custody) for each minor passenger, in addition to the regular sentence.


PC4019 credits-Sacramento County only makes people do half the time ordered by the court.  Additionally, you no longer have to pay for the half of the days that you don’t actually do.


Residential treatment – the court will likely allow day for day credit, in lieu of time, but you don’t get half time like you do with jail, work project or home detention.


Outpatient treatment – may reduce number of days but don’t expect day for day credit.






The fines are the only consequence of a DUI that have actually been reduced in many years.  They total about $2400.00 and you can pay them in full downstairs in Room 102 after court or you can agree to pay the fines over time through the Department of Revenue Recovery (DRR).    If for any reason you don’t receive a bill within about a month give them a call at (916) 875-7500.  If you decide to make payments, DRR adds about $65.00 to the bill to set up an account.  As of January 1, 2017, the Sacramento Courts are allowing people to convert about $2000.00 of the total fines to 4 additional days of time in jail or in one of the sheriff’s alternatives.




If restitution is ordered to a victim (this can be an individual or government agency) that will appear on your bill as well.  DRR adds 10% of the restitution bill to the account as a handling charge.  The most obvious reason restitution is ordered is if you cause an accident and someone is injured or there is property damage.  Your own insurance will often cover this type of restitution and you shouldn’t have to pay the victim twice.  Another reason restitution is being ordered more and more frequently is because the government will want to recover the costs of time spent for what is known as Emergency Response Costs.  (See Government Code(s) § 53150-53159.)  Often times, restitution is ordered in an amount to be determined.  If you receive a letter from DRR instructing you to call them if you disagree with the restitution amount claimed by a victim, you must follow the directions in the letter and contact them by the date listed.  If you fail to do so, you are effectively agreeing to pay that amount of restitution.  It is also advisable to contact your attorney, if you were represented, because the attorney is not notified.  The case will then be set for a formal restitution hearing where the DA will present evidence or the victim will appear in court to justify the claim.




A three (3), six (6) or nine (9) month DUI school will be ordered.  The different lengths of classes are based on the BAC.  A BAC up to .14 will require a three (3) month class, a BAC of .15-.19 will require a six (6) month class and a Refusal or BAC of .20 or higher will require a nine (9) month class. The costs of the programs in Sacramento are $675.00, $860.00 and $1140.00, respectively.  The courses are 30, 45 or 60 hours total.  There is not a way to truly accelerate the programs and finish earlier, although some schools may be more flexible or creative in how they get you through their program and still comply with State requirements.  There are a limited number of allowable absences.  If you live out of State you may want to ask the court to order but stay the DUI school, as you don’t want to be in violation of the terms and conditions of your probation. There are DUI Schools throughout the State.





Additionally, if you live outside of California, there is a once in a lifetime ability to get the California DMV to lift the hold on your privilege to drive without completing a DUI school or installing an Ignition Interlock Device.  This may not work if you Refused the chemical test or your BAC was .20 or higher.  First you will need to wait until all the mandatory suspension time is over.  Then you will need to apply for a 1650 Waiver with the Mandatory Actions Unit at DMV by calling (916) 657-6525. They will mail the necessary forms to you at your Out of State address.  You will need to provide DMV with evidence that you live outside of California, file an SR22 with the California DMV for three (3) years and agree that if you move to California within three (3) years you will take and complete the appropriate DUI school.





If you call the Law Office of Denis White for a free consultation, we will be asking you for information contained on the white agreement to appear as well as the pink temporary license if one was given to you.  The sooner you call, the more time you’ll have to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed.

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UC San Diego in the News

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PSA: Drugged Driving is Dangerous

UCSD School of Medicine Professor Linda Hill has been working with the school’s Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS) for 15 years.  They have four public service videos (see above) to teach drivers about the consequences of driving while drugged.  TREDS web address is:

Hill says people that use Marijuana products should wait before driving, the same as is recommended for alcohol.  Her advice is that people smoking Marijuana should wait four hours before driving.  She also indicated that edibles can delay the effects and last for eight hours.

A grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is funding TREDS “Higher Education: Driving High is DUI” campaign.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2016 report on drivers killed in collisions showed Marijuana is the most commonly detected drug, followed by Opiods.  NHTSA also launched a new safety campaign over the Labor Day holiday weekend in 2018; “If You Feel Different, You Drive Different.” Heidi King, NHTSA Deputy Administrator said that “A driver’s judgment and ability to react are both impaired when driving high, but many drivers don’t realize that it’s dangerous and illegal.”  Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is illegal throughout the United States.

NHTSA Short Videos on Driving Under the Influence

The fact that driving under the influence is dangerous is nothing new but many people take prescription medications without being a danger to other motorists. In other words, having drugs in your system doesn’t automatically mean you are under the influence for purposes of a DUI.  Consider the following definition from CALCRIM 2110, which is one of the jury instructions given at the end of a trial in CA before the jury is sent out to deliberate:

A person is under the influence if, as a result of (drinking [or

consuming] an alcoholic beverage/ [and/or] taking a drug), his or her

mental or physical abilities are so impaired that he or she is no longer

able to drive a vehicle with the caution of a sober person, using

ordinary care, under similar circumstances.

TIP: Don't drive under the influence and you'll avoid needing to Google "SACRAMENTO DUI ATTORNEYS"

Our local CSU is doing their part to keep students safe as well. California State University Sacramento
has a program called Safe Rides. Associated Students Inc. offers to reimburse students up to $20 per
semester for using a ride share app of their choice during the Fall and Spring semesters, while funds last.
The students have to travel between 10pm -2am, Wednesday through Saturday. Complete instructions
can be found at:

The last night this can be used for the Fall semester is tomorrow, 12/8/18, so get your free rides in quick
before the winter break.

Nov 12

Safety Center Sacramento: DUI School Review and Tour

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Safety Center DDP

On Friday, 6/8/2018, I spent the morning at the Safety Center DDP’s (Safety Center) main office at 3909
Bradshaw Road Sacramento, CA 95827. The facility is quite large, encompassing several buildings and
has ample free parking. The Safety Center offers more than just DUI classes. They offer classes for
Senior Drivers that may help to lower the cost of insurance, Motorcycle Training classes and more. For

today, we’ll just be talking about the DUI classes available.

The Safety Center has schools at three locations in the Sacramento area and two in Yolo County. The
Sacramento area schools are located at the address listed above, one in Citrus Heights (6 & 9 month
First Offender class only) and one in North Highlands. In Yolo County, there is a school in West
Sacramento and another in Woodland. Cost varies by length of class and payment options are available.
Saturday classes and classes in Spanish and Russian may be offered at some locations.

DUI classes vary in length.

For First Offenders, the court can order a person take:
Wet Reckless Program (12 hours over 6 weeks) [only if case resolved as Wet Reckless]
First Offender Program (30 hours over 3 months) [.08 up to .19][Sacramento .08-.14]
First Offender Program (45 hours over 6 months) [Sacramento-BAC of .15-.19]
First Offender Program (60 hours over 9 months) [Chemical Test Refusal & BAC of .20 or more]

For Multiple Offenders, the court will order:
SB38-Multiple Offender Program (18 months)
*If the Offense is resolved as a Wet 2nd , the 60 hour, 9 month program may be ordered.

All First Offender programs consist of Education and Group components designed to cover a wide
variety of subjects.
Education consists of six classes:
1. Intro and Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on Driving
2. Impairment of Driving Abilities, Skills & Judgement
3. Substance Use Disorders
4. Effects on Body and Health
5. Effects on Individual, Family and Society
6. Create a Change Plan to Prevent Impaired Driving

Group consists of nine to twenty six classes:
1. Thoughts and Feelings Affect Actions
2. Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on Driving Behavior
3. Changing Decisions Leading Up to Your DUI
4. Coping With Stress
5. Values and Decision Making
6. Effective Communication
7. Developing Resilient Relationships
8. Setting Goals for the Future
9. Sustaining Change
10. Overcoming Obstacles to Changing Behavior
11. Strengthening Your Social Support Network
12. Using Family Strengths for Problem Solving
13. Reconnecting with Your Family
14. Listening with Empathy
15. Cultivating a Positive View of the Future
16. Focusing on Your Vision for the Future
17. Making Decisions to Prevent Driving Under the Influence
18. Coping with Triggers and Cravings
19. Gaining Support of Family and Friends
20. Problem Solving in Relationships
21. Creating a Recovery Plan
22. Building Personal Resilience
23. Becoming Your Ideal Self
24. Developing Resources for Sustaining Changes
25. Making Safe Driving Decisions
26. Learning from Relapses

*Multiple Offender Programs include much of the same except that the last six months consists of just a
monthly face to face with a counselor.

Sep 07

How do I get reinstated to Work Project in Sacramento?

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So, you’ve missed the sign up date for Work Project in Sacramento or even the later turn in date to jail at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC), if you failed to get approved in time.  Maybe you intended to sign up for Home Detention or Work Furlough and were late for that.  Perhaps you were given a referral to do Community Service Hours and failed to get down there in the 15 days they say you have.  Can this be fixed is a question I hear all too frequently.  In other words, How do I get reinstated to Work Project in Sacramento? If you go to court, they’ll tell you there is a Sheriff’s Warrant (SOC Warrant) and there is nothing they can do about it.  There is hope, so don’t just go into hiding.  Don’t flee the country thinking that the Sheriff is going to race out and roll you up.  Call the Law Office of Denis White at (916) 444-3300 and see if we can help you get back into the program without the threat of jail.

Image result for avoid jail

You see, the Sheriff’s Alternative Programs don’t want to have to go find you, the jails are full and it costs more to house you there too.  There are sweeps from time to time, where law enforcement and probation goes out and picks up as many people as they can find.  This is especially true with DUI offenders.  Still, after my visit to 700 North 5th Street today, 9/7/18, I’m convinced that I can assist you in getting into the program you originally signed up for without going to real jail and doing hard time.  So, to answer the title of this Blog, How do I get reinstated to Work Project in Sacramento, you call us at (916) 444-3300.  This is also true of the other Sheriff’s Alternatives like Community Service, Home Detention and Work Furlough.  The more time that passes, the more difficult this may be, so don’t wait any longer than you have to.

If you get my office involved, we will make the phone calls for you to find out what can be done.  This saves you the anxiety of  going to the Sheriff’s Office or Jail and finding out at that moment whether you have to do the time in Jail.

Sep 06

Elimination of Cash Bail in DUI Cases

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The new law, set forth in Senate Bill 10, is set to go into effect on October 1, 2019.  The underlying idea appears to be fairness in deciding who gets released from custody after being arrested. It deals in part with the Elimination of Cash Bail in DUI Cases. Advocates believe that too many poor remain in custody because they can’t afford to bail out. Whether or not this new approach actually works the way they believe, we’ll have to wait and see.  It may just leave more working people in jail, that then become poor after losing their jobs.  Many of these are people that could have afforded bail under the present system and could have seen their cases through to the end with far less difficulty.

Just as different counties have different tolerances for DUI cases, so do judges.  Although some commentaries on the subject say that most individuals arrested for misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours without assessment, I have my doubts.  As an example of how different counties can be, Sacramento County releases most individuals on their own recognizance if the arrest is for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd offense DUI and gives them a date to appear about three weeks later.  The surrounding counties of Placer, Yolo and El Dorado require varying amounts of bail in almost every instance.  The Elimination of Cash bail will leave many people in custody when they could otherwise be released upon posting a bond that guarantees their return to court.  When a person that bonds out of jail fails to appear, the bail bond company sends someone to find them so they don’t have to pay the total bail amount to the court.  That’s a pretty good incentive. The Sacramento Judges and District Attorneys typically ask for bail on many multiple offense cases at the arraignment, catching most people without attorneys (and some with attorneys) completely by surprise.  If I think bail will be required and I’m not ready to resolve a case, I have a bail bond company with me so my clients never go into custody.

With respect to DUI defenses, if a person is accused of a 3rd DUI in 10 years or for an offense involving a BAC of .20 or more, they can’t be released before the arraignment.  This could mean sitting in jail for 72 hours or longer.

Even if the law proscribes a standard set of considerations for being released, the program will be implemented by individuals and they will all bring their own baggage.  Then, in addition, there is a provision that allows the prosecution to file for something they are calling “Preventive Detention” if they think there are insufficient conditions that would protect the public and make sure the individual will make his/her court appearances.

One source cited a legislative analysis that said it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year to implement this system.  I, for one, am not anxious to pay more in taxes for a system of government that is already bloated.  The Elimination of Cash Bail will put bail bond companies out of business, which makes the taxpayer the guarantor of all the money defendants and their families could have financed instead.  Groups like the ACLU of California and even the San Francisco Public Defenders Office have withdrawn their support for this ill conceived bail reform.

Man hands with handcuffs

Jun 22

Sacramento DUI Lawyer – June Update

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Sacramento DUI Lawyer - June Update

Denis Does the Davis Trinity 

Although he is based in Sacramento, Denis is also very active in Yolo County. He noticed that a large percentage of his cases from that county are college students from UC Davis and immediately made it a goal to decrease the number of DUI arrests from UCD students. 

In addition to creating a scholarship for UC Davis Picnic Week 2018, Denis focused on creating DUI awareness events in the Davis area to help students prevent future DUI arrests. 

For his third awareness event in the college town, Denis completed the Davis Trinity - a bar crawl that UCD undergrads complete as a rite of passage. Students are known to get absurdly drunk after completion and Denis wanted to illustrate how BAC levels rise after each of the three mixed drinks. 

To give a more accurate illustration to the local students, he picked two volunteers (one undergrad and one grad) to complete the challenge along with him. 

May 29

Breweries in Sacramento County

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If you're looking for a taproom that serves grub out of their own kitchen instead of booking various food trucks, make sure to add this downtown brewery to your list. Located in an old firehouse, patrons can expect to find various gourmet burgers and rotating taps. If you're on the fence about giving them a visit, here's some peace of mind - the consensus on Yelp is that B&B is a quality restaurant (4 stars rating with 290 reviews as of 6/26/2018).

Bike Dog Broadway Taproom

The Broadway Taproom is a satellite location of Bike Dog's headquarters in West Sac located downtown for the residents who don't want to make the drive/bike ride but still want the same great beers.  Costco actually carries some of their beers, so you can rest assured that the quality is on point. The Broadway Taproom garnered a solid 4-star rating and if you're looking for a place that serves food in addition to brew, rejoice! Sellands (a popular local market) is located next door and they have a Bike Dog has a special menu you can order from. If you're not feeling what Sellands has to offer, you're also allowed to bring in outside food from other locations. 

Urban Roots Brewery and Smokehouse 

This is the only brewery in Sacramento County that has a dedicated BBQ menu, so put this on the list if you're a fan of the grill. Another 4 star rated restaurant on Yelp, reviews say that you can smell this place from a mile away. The atmosphere is also perfect for enjoying a nice weather day since they have plenty of patio seating. 

Capital Hop Shop

Perhaps the most striking feature of this brewery are the garage doors. This brewery is a converted car garage that now boasts an extensive list of beers and hard ciders. Although this spot is just approaching its one year anniversary, Yelpers take notice of the great service and quality food. 

Big Stump Brewing Company

If you’re looking for sour beers, Big Stump Brew Company is the choice for you! They do not serve food, but outside food is perfectly acceptable. Equipped with old school arcade games, this place is both baby friendly and dog friendly. 

Device Brewing Company

Tucked away near the the courthouse on Power Inn, Device is a modest brewery that offers plenty for its patrons. In addition to having a dog friendly space, Device partners with local food trucks, making it a one stop shop for a relaxing day.

Breweries in Yolo County
May 23

Breweries in Yolo County

By Admin | Yolo County

Summer's just around the corner and it's the perfect time to plan a "beercation" in the area. If you aren't familiar with Yolo County breweries, our guide will change that - keep reading for write-ups on every brewery in the area!

Breweries in West Sacramento

Yolo Brewing Company  

Website | Yelp Page

If homebrewing interests you, Yolo is definitely a place you want to visit. They offer a personal brewing session that allows you to brew you own beer at their facility under the guidance of one of their hopmasters – and all the people brewing look like they are having a blast.  Yolo brewing co is located in West Sac right next door to the old UPS – just look for the sign in the driveway that will direct you to the area.

There isn’t a kitchen on-site, but they do have free snacks like popcorn and pretzels to help cleanse the palette between beer tastings. You can also bring your own food or visit one of the food trucks they booked for the day. The facility is also dog and family-friendly with a bunch of games to occupy the children while you enjoy your beer. Note that the facility does not have A/C, so remember this on hot Sacramento days.

According to Yelp, the most popular beers are Lemon Drop IPA, Orange Honey Ale, and the double IPA (packs a punch). For people in your group that don’t drink alcohol, Yolo also brews kombucha and has that for sale. There are a bunch of activities that you can do during your visit, like listen to live music, participate in trivia night, or do a free Vinyasa yoga session (Sunday weekly) with a certified instructor.  If you’re into Jazz, check them out every weekend for live Jazz music.

Jackrabbit  Brewing

Website | Yelp

If you’re in the area for Yolo Brew Co, take the 4 minute walk down Terminal St. to enjoy some amazing flavors at Jackrabbit – located between UPS and the rice mill in West Sacramento. The facility has a ton of indoor seating with a big parking lot, and even has a big screen TV paired with classic video games like the Nintendo Super NES. This place also family friendly, so if you brought the kids to Yolo Brew Co, you can continue to Jackrabbit without finding a babysitter.

The flavors here on point – according to Yelp, this place is easily a top 3 local brewer based on quality and taste of the beer. Jackrabbit also hosts a beer and cheese pairing event , and we read a Yelp review saying that the pairings were excellent. We read a bunch of reviews on Yelp and consensus is that all of their flavors taste good and a few are exceptional standouts. The two flavors that were mentioned most on Yelp reviews are the Monks Belly and Pub Ale with 5 mentions for each.

If you’re looking for activities, they host various activities like movie night, cooking classes, and events on succulents  & herbs. They also have cornhole if you feel like playing a simple game to pass time while you’re there. Jackrabbit doesn’t have a kitchen either, but you have the option of bringing your own food or ordering takeout and getting it delivered.  If you’re heading there on a weekend, don’t worry – Jackrabbit always books food trucks to be there on Saturdays and Sundays.

Bike Dog Brewing Company 

Website | Yelp

If you like bicycles, dogs and brew, this heavily themed joint is the perfect spot for you. They’re highly touted on Yelp with 191 reviews  and an average rating of 4.5 stars. The most mentioned menu item on Yelp is the milk stout (45 reviews), so give that a shot if you’re looking for something solid.

This is the third brewery on the West Sac Terminal stretch, right next to Yolo Brew Co and Jackrabbit - the front entrance is pretty easy to spot from the main road and they have private parking, although it does get a little packed as the bar gets busy.  The place usually gets packed, so make sure you plan ahead to get there a little early for the sake of convenience.

One thing that’s great about Bike Joint is that the facility has air conditioning and a small arcade that includes games like ski ball to keep you occupied.  They also have foosball (table soccer) and jenga available to play. I’d definitely rather be here on a hot day than stuck in the heat at Yolo Brewing Company. Bike dog is family friendly in addition to allowing well behaved pups – a huge plus is that they have clean bathrooms equipped with diaper changing stations!

While Bike Dog doesn’t serve snacks, they are only 1 minute away from Chando’s Tacos – many patrons will walk over to grab some tacos and come back to wash it down with some Ale.  If tacos aren’t your thing, there is usually a food truck out front to satisfy your hunger – you can also bring in your own food if you’d like.

Breweries in Woodland

Blue Note Brewing Company

Website | Yelp

If enjoy the industrial feel over fancy and pretentious, Blue Note’s Yelp reviews indicate that they may be a great fit. This brewery is located in the heart Downtown Woodland, down Dead Cat Alley and is described as one of the best new breweries in the area. This is another hop spot you can add to your family-friendly list, with games you can check out for the kids along with giant Jenga and Connect Four. If you happen to be in town for a court hearing, also be sure to check out our article on Restaurants the Woodland Courthouse.

Blue Note is also pet friendly, so note that this is a brewery you can stop by while walking your dog. The facility can be described as a giant warehouse full of couches, community tables, and game tables for a blue collar industrial feel. Along with a good amount of space, they also have live bands playing and TVs – making this a perfect venue for company events or holiday parties. If you enjoy eating with your brew, bring food and snacks or order from one of the food trucks on their rotating list. 

The consensus on Yelp is that Blue Note’s flavors and tasting menu are excellent - they have lots of craft beers and a good selection of IPAs, and they also carry some of the trending sour beer that’s growing in popularity. Blue Note is pretty highly rated on Yelp with an average rating of 4.5 stars with 71 reviews. If you’re look still stuck on what to order after trying a flight, check out the Oatmeal Stout – their most reviewed beer on Yelp (8 mentions).

Breweries in Winters 

Berryessa Brewing Company

Website | Yelp

If you’re in the Berryessa lake area, you may want to stop by Berryessa Brewing co for some of what people say is the best craft beer in the region. The brew co is situated near highway 505 via highway 128 and leads right into the hills/lakes/wineries of the countryside. According to Yelp reviews, this is the perfect place to stop off on your way back relaxing or catching some fish at the lake. Keep an eye out for a small short sign near the parking lot entrance that should indicate you have arrived.

Berryessa is also dog and child friendly, so feel free to make this a family outing. If you live in the area, Yelp reviews also say that this is a nice bike ride in from Davis. They frequently have live music on weekends and also some weekdays. If you’re taking kids along, they have toys and games for them along with giant jenga. While they don’t serve food at Berryessa, there are free chips to snack on and they usually have a food truck on location – with Buckhorn Steakhouse and their amazing BBQ being a frequent vendor.  

The consensus on Yelp: if you like good beer and enjoy the outdoors, this is the place for you. There are a ton of tables on the enormous outdoor patio, so keep this place in mind if you’re looking for an event venue that serves beer. Most Yelp reviews say that the Separation Anxiety IPA and the House IPA are solid choices if you don’t know what to start with. There is a wine tasting room adjacent to the beer taps, so there’s something for everyone.

Breweries in Davis

Sudwerk Dock Store  

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Sudwerk is a staple in Davis brew culture because they actually run the UC Davis master brewer’s program out of out of the dock store. They are situated right next to the Sudwerks restaurant beneath the underpass, with a half gravel lot. Be cautious when driving there at night – the parking lot entrance is a little tough to spot when it’s dark.  You can grab food from the Sudwerks restaurant or try one of the food trucks they usually partner with.

Yelp reviews (4.5 stars/57 reviews) often refer to the dock store as the mad science lab where brewery students test out their new ideas (sours, barrel aged brews, milk stout, and india pale ales) as opposed to the more traditional ale available at the Sudwerks restaurant.  They have 4 kegs tapped and replace each empty one with a random flavor from their vault.

Suds has a lot value in terms of their product offering – free tasters of every flavor at the dock store and no deposit on keg rentals are two things you don’t see very often. On Wednesdays, they have $1 pints with a $3 cover charge. While indoor seating is limited, there are plenty of benches in the expanded outdoor seating section. Sudwerks is one of the dog-friendly bars, so long as your pup is behaved.

Three Mile Brewing 

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The Three Mile Brewing is a spot in downtown Davis that is also highly reviewed on Yelp (66 reviews/4.5 star average rating) with a diverse menu from blondes to IPAs. They are tucked into a small courtyard behind Temple coffee and Zumapoke. This place is also dog and kid friendly, so add this to the list of breweries you can drag the entire family to. There are games to keep the kiddos occupied while you enjoy the beer they have to offer.

According to reviews on Yelp, the music is excellent and the employees are all nice people that contribute to a great atmosphere - one yelp reviewer even said that a thoughtful employee brought out a dog bowl with fresh water for her pup on a particular hot afternoon. Three Mile has a few TVs to watch and a bunch of games to occupy yourselves during drinking escapades. They also have a little patio in the courtyard that’s perfect for day drinking in nice weather. They don’t serve food here, but you can order from Woodstock pizza down the street and they’ll happily deliver.

The beers all taste great, but feel free to judge that for yourself – employees are happy to give out samples to help find something you actually enjoy drinking. Three Mile also offers a ton of value on their beer flights (only $7) if you are still having trouble deciding.  The most reviewed beer on their Yelp page is the Honey Blonde (8 mentions) is easy to drink and described as “smooth, aromatic, and refreshing.” If you’re into other stuff, they have about 12 unique craft brews on tap from saison, rye ales, sours, porters and IPAs.

Super Owl Brewing  

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Super Owl Brewing is one of the newer additions to the Davis area (opened in September of 2017) and can be found on Lake Blvd near Lamppost Pizzeria. This is a family friendly brewery owned by a local husband and wife that you can always count on seeing a diverse crowd at.  There is ample seating both inside and outside, so don’t worry too much about being elbow to elbow with a stranger. Super Owl allows dogs on the small patio, continuing the theme of pup-friendly breweries in Yolo County. They even have a separate kid-friendly area so you don’t have to deal with children running all over the place, if that isn’t your thing. If you’re a parent, they have toys and a large chalkboard to help keep your kid occupied so you can enjoy life for bit.

This location is situated at the end of a strip mall and is great for situations where craft beer is needed away from the downtown student life. Since it is away from Downtown Davis, it’s not a nightmare trying to find parking, which is actually pretty ample. While Super Owl does not server food, they have free pretzel sticks and allow you to bring your own food or have it delivered from the Lamppost Pizza right next door. The Oatmeal Stout (4 Yelp reviews) and Looky Loo Blonde Ale (4 Yelp reviews) were the most mentioned, so give those a shot if you’re looking for a suggestion.

Looking for a bar crawl in Davis? 

Sometimes you're in the mood for something a little harder than beer - we understand. If you live in the Davis area, check out our guide on the Davis Trinity - one of the college town's most popular bar crawls. 

Davis Trinity - Cafe Bernardo
Davis Trinity - Bistro 33
Davis Trinity - Noodle 88 Bar

Davis Trinity - The Ultimate Guide 2018
May 04

Davis Trinity – Our Ultimate Guide to the Infamous Davis Bar Crawl

By Admin | Yolo County

Completing the Davis Trinity: The Ultimate Guide

Our article will give you the complete rundown on everything concerning the Davis Trinity - a longstanding tradition with UCD undergrads. If you’re searching for a drinking ritual embedded into UC Davis folklore, look no further than the Davis Trinity.

Denis recently completed the Trinity (see video below) in an attempt to show people how easily you can approach the .08 BAC legal limit when participating in a bar crawl like this. 

What is the Davis Trinity?

What is Davis Trinity?

The Davis Trinity is entails the consumption of the three strongest drinks in Davis all in one night and is somewhat of a UCD undergrad rite of passage. The three drinks are:

  • The Wicky Wacky Woo from Bar Bernardo
  • The Devastator at Bistro 33
  • The FML at Red 88 Noodle Bar

Where is the Davis Trinity?

Thankfully, the bar crawl only spans a few blocks - so don't worry about having to uber or ride a bike to each location. We created a custom Google map (see below) to help guide your travels, so make sure you don't get behind the wheel!

  • First Stop - Cafe Bernardo
  • Second Stop - Bistro 33
  • Third Stop - Red 88 Noodle Bar

What are in the Davis Trinity drinks?

Thankfully, the bar crawl only spans a few blocks - so don't worry about having to uber or ride a bike to each location. We created a custom Google map (see below) to help guide your travels, so make sure you don't get behind the wheel!

  • The Wicky Wacky Woo - Cafe Bernardo
    • A mixture of rum, vodka, tequila and gin with a blend of fruit juices
  • The Devastator - Bistro 33

  • The FML - Red 88 Noodle Bar
    • Vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec & 151 rum topped with fresh juice and a splash of sprite

Davis Trinity Guidelines

Expect to complete the Trinity within approximately 90 minutes when drinking at a leisurely pace, but adventurous individuals often try to finish everything within 45 minutes achieve “The Triple Crown” bragging rights.