There are many exceptions for enhancements and violations of probation. These are not all the code sections that can be charged for alcohol related offenses and the prosecutor in court may or may not have the authority to deviate from the standard offer. Use this only as a guide, as it is subject to change and there are many factors to consider that may affect the offer in your case. The standard penalties listed only pertain to DUIs resolved as a misdemeanor.

Wet Reckless- 1 year informal probation, $1600 fines and 12 hour to 3 month DUI program

DUI 1st- 3 years informal probation with a 6 month no alcohol condition, 2 days jail or sheriff’s alternative, $3000 fines and a 3 or 9 month DUI program

DUI 2nd-4 years informal probation with a no alcohol condition while on probation, 10 days jail or sheriff’s alternative, $3000 fines, 18 month DUI program and Ignition Interlock Device

DUI 3rd- 5 years informal probation, no alcohol condition while on probation, 120 days jail or sheriff’s alternative, 18 month DUI program and Ignition Interlock device plus Habitual Traffic Offender status

DUI Injury 1st- Depends on the facts of the case and the injuries reported.

Boating DUI- 1 year informal probation, $2800 fines, 12 hour DUI program


Street parking;

There is street parking along Court Street, 3rd Street (in front of Department 9), and North Streets. There is a 2 hour limit. If you park on the north side of North Street or on 3rd Street north of North Street, you can park for an unlimited number of hours.

THINK about what you have in your pockets or purse before you leave your car. Metal detectors are used at the Yolo courthouse. If you have something the sheriff thinks is inappropriate you will not be permitted to enter, no matter how long you have waited in line, even if you will be late for court. They will not hold items for you either.


Court- Department 9 is located on 3rd Street between Court and North Streets, not at the main courthouse which is located at 725 Court Street, Woodland, CA. This is where the misdemeanor DUI arraignments take place. There are no district attorneys present in Department 9 at the arraignment. If you have an attorney, he or she may choose to continue your case to Department 8 in the main courthouse to conference the case with a district attorney.

There are no restrooms at Department 9, so if you need to use the facilities you will have to go to the main courthouse across the street. If you need to use the restroom while you are in court, you should let the bailiff or your attorney know so the court does not think you failed to appear.

Department 9 handles arraignments on DUI cases, as well as all other misdemeanors and felonies. The arraignment or first appearance for misdemeanor cases is normally at 8:30am. For felonies, it is normally at 1:30pm. Check the calendar outside the courtroom for your name. If it does not appear, quietly check with the bailiff inside. If your case is still being reviewed and not filed yet, you will be asked to return to court on a later date. If the DA’s office has decided not to file or rejected filing on the case, the court or bailiff will let you know.

If you will need an interpreter, let the bailiff know before court begins.

Court begins with a short video explanation of what to expect, unless the judge chooses to share the information with you in person. If you are late, you may be asked to come back another day. If you have not been to court before, the information explains your rights, many of the standard penalties and options on how to proceed. If you have chosen to hire the Law Office of Denis White, it may not be necessary for you to appear in court at all.

If your case is set for a Trial or various other Motions you may be required to appear on a future date and in another department.



The bail schedule for DUIs in Yolo County has changed. The court’s bail schedule now shows &10,000 for a 1st offense, $20,000 for a 2nd offense and $30,000 for a 3rd offense.


DMV Issues-

The court deals regularly with criminal penalties but not so much with the resulting DMV suspensions and restrictions. If you have concerns in this area, you may be better served contacting the Law Office of Denis White for answers. Yolo County is not one of the four California counties participating in the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) pilot program under Assembly Bill 91. This means that installation of the device will not automatically be required by DMV in order to get your license back.



It is difficult or impossible to give advice without the specific facts of a case. If you are uncomfortable with the reason law enforcement came into contact with you, trust your instincts and seek legal advice. Police reports are written by people that have to justify why they made the decision to arrest you. In these instances people are involved. People make mistakes and sometimes they even lie. Have they done so in your case? While I know what you really want is great results, at the front end you may need to be satisfied with the peace of mind provided by having a lawyer that deals with this area of law looking out for your interests. This is what we do at the Law Office of Denis White. Contact us today for a Free Consultation.


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